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How the exterior of the Monarch Concept S was designed

We devoted this news release to the development of the exterior of the Monarch. We will tell you who created the car and how did he do that, what the team members relied on and why it turned out that way!

First of all, we want to note that the project has extremely limited development periods. The car should start its way at the end of 2021. This means that there is no time to carry out R&D and other structural developments. The Monarch should initially be equipped with ready-made solutions of the automotive industry. That means that all elements must already be produced by someone. So we had to choose the best ones, properly assemble them, conduct tests, trials, certification and put it into production.

But if there are no problems with electric motors, battery and some parts of the chassis (levers, stabilizers, pneumatic racks, etc.), then the interior and exterior should certainly be individual.

But is it easy to create a car not similar to others, original, but at the same time beautiful and functional? The car that would meet all the modern requirements of the market and which could be produced in Russia?
The "Interior and exterior" Department team of the Monarch project was formed from artists, designers and specialists in light optics. Also engineers from other departments were involved in the process. The body of the car had to be fixed on the chassis, while providing the ability of rapid replacement of the battery through the threshold (which no one had done before the Monarch engineers).

It is necessary to understand that this particular body will pass all certification tests and will be functional for the end user.
Initially, we conducted market research to understand what type of electric car the consumer needs. If we omit the engineering features expressed by people in the survey, speaking about exterior and interior everyone said as one: "make it radically different from the Russian automobile industry". This capacious phrase was said by the majority of respondents!
Based on the general wishes, we began to form the terms of reference for the artists. And, after a small engineering adjustment, it was handed over for a design competition. The competition was attended by 37 artists, car designers and specialized organizations. The winner of the contest was Ilya Rasskazov, an artist from Moscow. It was his sketches that became the basis for the development of the Monarch.
After that, car designers, engineers and light opticians began to create a 3D prototype. The task was to quickly develop a car body that meets regulatory parameters and at the same time have a removable energy unit. All this should have looked flawless. Everyone looking at the Monarch should have wanted to buy it!

During development we were constantly hearing things like: "there is a twist", "it doesn't fit here", "it's not right here", "it doesn't meet the safety requirements", "it is not used in the automobile industry", "it won't bear the load". The real body became more and more different from the sketches - the Monarch gained its features.

Another issue was the similarity with certain models. This is why the Russian automative industry is so often criticized. But, firstly, if you create something that looks like nothing, it will be so futuristic that almost nobody buys it. Secondly, there are general certification and security standards that do not allow to go out beyond their scope. Thus we had a lot of limits in our work. In addition, eminent brands have been developing their style for decades. And the "newbie" of the car industry will look similar to someone.
But we believe that we have fulfilled the main requirement of the market – no car like Monarch has been produced in Russia yet.
The end consumer and independent certification companies will judge our efforts. And now we are pleased to present you the completed Monarch body, which was sent in August to the manufacture of a prototype (10 pcs) for automobile exhibitions and presentations.
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